Reporting Obligations

Prohibited Discrimination

The university has a Discrimination and Retaliation Policy that defines prohibited discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), and retaliation; outlines reporting options and obligations; and describes the investigation process for complaints of discriminatory misconduct. For additional information on UO employee reporting obligations, please visit the Employee Responsibilities page on the Office of Investigations and Civil Right Compliance website.

Employees who would like to speak with a confidential resource should contact the Ombuds Program at 541-346-6400.

Child Abuse

All UO employees have mandatory child abuse reporting obligations. This means that employees must immediately report child abuse to the Oregon Department of Human Services. This reporting obligation applies regardless of whether you witness the abuse at, or outside of, work. Learn more about mandatory reporting for child abuse.

Research Misconduct

The University of Oregon is committed to ensuring the integrity of its research and requires all university community members with credible evidence of research misconduct to report it to the university’s designated research integrity officer. The university defines research misconduct to include any fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research or in the reporting of research results. Research misconduct does not include honest errors, differences of opinion, authorship disputes that do not involve plagiarism, or violations of other unrelated university policies. Because of the serious implications for all parties involved in research misconduct proceedings, the university carefully evaluates whether allegations may actually be the result of honest errors or differences of opinion prior to initiating a formal research misconduct complaint. Individuals who are uncomfortable confronting the individual who is the subject of their concerns may also present de-identified hypotheticals to the research integrity officer prior to initiating a formal complaint for feedback regarding whether their concerns could constitute research misconduct.

Academic Misconduct

The University of Oregon is committed to academic integrity and holds its students accountable for academic misconduct, which is defined by the Student Conduct Code to include intentionally tampering with grades, unauthorized access to testing materials, furnishing false information to a university official, cheating, plagiarism, and fabrication. University officials responsible for the academic matter at issue are required to report the academic misconduct and any resolution reached to the director of the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.  If the academic conduct at issue is under dispute, the matter should still be refered to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards within fourteen (14) days. For more information about university officials' obligations to respond to academic misconduct, please review section four of the university’s Student Conduct Code.

Data Breach

In the event that paper or electronic records containing sensitive data are subject to an unauthorized release or access to unauthorized persons, the University of Oregon data security incident response procedure must be used to determine whether any sensitive data have in fact been exposed, what specific data were exposed, the impact of the exposure, and what actions are required for state and federal legal compliance related to the exposure.

Please immediately notify the UO information security office at (541) 346-5837.

Illegal or Fraudulent Activity

You should report illegal or fraudulent activity to UO Police, the Office of Internal Audit or the Oregon Office of the Secretary of State. Each of these offices allow for anonymous tips or the filing of more formal complaints. Reports can be taken by telephone or online.