Communications or Visits from a Federal or State Agency

A government agency may contact UO personnel for various reasons. For example, the agency may need to audit financial aid awards, investigate research misconduct allegations, or investigate cybersecurity matters that do not even involve UO personnel. Requests for UO information may also come in many forms, including subpoenas, search warrants, or requests for interviews. It is the role of the general counsel’s office to determine the validity and scope of information requests and to assist in determining the appropriate method of response to investigations that is least disruptive of business operations.

If a government agency requests UO information from you, or you otherwise become aware of a government investigation involving the UO, you should immediately contact the general counsel’s office. This does not apply to persons who initiated a complaint that is the subject of the government investigation. Below are suggested responses to government requests for UO information:

  • Be polite and courteous, and advise the government agent that the UO will generally cooperate with all government investigations, after consultation with the general counsel’s office.
  • Request identification and/or a business card from the agent requesting the information, or write down the agent’s name, title, agency, and contact information.
  • Request to make a copy of documents relied upon for information demands: search warrants, subpoenas, other court orders, etc.
  • Advise the agent that you will be pleased to assist after contacting the general counsel’s office, as required by UO procedure.
  • Contact the general counsel’s office as soon as possible. In some cases, the UO may need to make back-up copies of information before allowing computers, files, or other documents to be removed.
  • Make a note of everything you provided to the requesting agent with the time, date, and the agent’s full contact information.