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Get information about using one of the UO’s marks or filming on campus

The University of Oregon owns various trademarks/logos that are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The UO’s trademarks are not simply a marketing or communications tool. They are iconic symbols that have evolved over the UO’s history that help our story. Accordingly, use of the UO’s trademarks requires special care and approval, consistent with the UO’s trademark licensing policy.

If you would like to use any of the UO’s marks or logos, please review information available on the university's Licensing and Branding website.

Please note that improper use of the UO’s trademarks and logos can “dilute” the UO’s ownership interests and the value of the UO’s marks. Improper use of the UO’s marks is also unlawful and my subject such users to signification civil liability. Accordingly, please contact Licensing and Branding if you would like to use UO’s trademarks or logos.

Find out who is authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the university

By statute, the University of Oregon’s Board of Trustees is responsible for entering into contracts on behalf of the university. All other officers and employees of the university must receive written authority to sign contracts.

The president of the university, the vice president for finance and administration, and various directors and department heads are authorized to perform the university’s day-to-day contracting activities. The director of purchasing and contracting services has the authority to delegate contracting authority to university employees for contracts that do not exceed $25,000 in total value. Employees must meet certain requirements and attend training to receive contract authority. Furthermore, employee contracting authority is generally limited to a list of pre-approved standard forms. For additional information, please refer to Purchasing and Contracting Services’ website.

Make a public records request

Requests for public records kept by the University of Oregon should be submitted to the Office of Public Records. Instructions for submitting a request can be found on the website. The Office of Public Records generally charges for the actual cost of making public records available. Fees are based on the amount of staff time required, a per-page fee for photocopies, and any mailing or delivery charges. Fee waivers are granted in certain circumstances. In addition, the Office of Public Records publishes a request log to track the progress of responses to requests.

Please contact the Office of Public Records at 541-346-6823 or pubrec@uoregon.edu for more information.

Find out about the UO's insurance

The university's insurance program has various types of insurance or self-insurance to cover the different risks the institution faces. These include general liability, property, fine arts, international travel, day care, camps and clinics, athletics, and workers compensation. 

Talk about UO real estate

All real estate matters, including the sale and purchase of real estate and on and off-campus leasing questions, should be directed to Patrick Hyland, Real Estate Analyst/Developer in Campus Planning

Patrick can be reached at 541-346-5080 or jhyland@uoregon.edu.