What are public records?

A public record includes any record prepared, owned, used, or kept by a public entity, such as the University of Oregon, that relates to the public's business. Public records include written documents, electronic files, photographs, and other methods of storing information.

Are all records kept by the university required to be disclosed upon request?

No. Oregon's public records law exempts various public records from disclosure. Examples of public records that may be exempt from disclosure include:

  • Student education records
  • Some types of faculty records
  • Trade secrets
  • Records related to ongoing litigation
  • Some types of donation records
  • Attorney-client privileged communication

For additional information regarding public records, please refer to the Oregon Department of Justice's public records and meetings manual.

How can I make a public records request?

Requests for public records kept by the University of Oregon should be submitted to the Office of Public Records. Instructions for submitting a request can be found on the Office of Public Records' website. The Office of Public Records generally charges for the actual cost of making public records available. Fees are based on the amount of staff time required, a per-page fee for photocopies, and any mailing or delivery charges. Fee waivers are granted in certain circumstances. In addition, the Office of Public Records publishes a request log to track the progress of responses to requests.

Please contact the Office of Public Records at 541-346-6823 or at pubrec@uoregon.edu for more information.